Thank you. has been the online home for so many local voices over the past few years. We have watched real connections be made and conversations and debates take place. We have seen local events unfold and we have had the privileged to be the only NWI based platform to publish your creative voices. On March 1, 2015 will shutdown and the connections, relationships and any future content will now live on through our Facebook group page.

After long seasons of community inactivity we have decided to move our presence in a different direction. The original concept of the site was to give our local creatives a voice. The upkeep, maintenance, management, promotion and over arching responsibility of the site has also been too much to manage with life, work, and family.

We are excited about this new direction on so many levels and feel this is the right move for the community and for us personally. We thank you all for your support and thank those of you who have put hours of effort in to your post and activity on the site.

Please join the community as we move in a different direction on Facebook.

With thanks,

Joseph Gonzalez & Atom Groom